Tzuba tourism
During the last few years a huge Tourism Center was established in the area of the Judean Hills. This Center integrates lodging, tours, and recreation for the whole family. The Tourism Center is located in Kibbutz Tzuba, about 20 minutes drive…

Zoological Center Tel Aviv – Ramat Gan “Safari”
The Safari is the largest animal collection in the Middle East and is unique in the world, because of the large herds of mixed species of African animals that roam the spacious African Park. The zoo contains a variety of animals from around the world.

Afrikef – Monkey Park
Located at Kfar Daniel, near Ben Shemen Forest, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, lies the Monkey Park. Here are monkeys from Africa, Asia, and South America, including squirrel monkeys, lemurs from Madagascar… 

Hai-Bar Yotvata
Hai-Bar Yotvata is located in the Yotvata Reserve, 40 kilometers north of Eilat on the Arava Highway, between Kibbutz Yotvata to the north and Kibbutz Samar to the south. The 4.000-acre reserve is in the Yotvata salt marsh.

Gan Garoo – Australia Park in Israel
Gan Garoo, Australia Park in Israel, is one of the most unique parks in the country – perhaps in the world The park covers an area of 20 dunams (about 7 acres). All plants are native Australian flora.