Israel’s diamond industry is one of the leading world diamond trading centers for polished and rough diamonds. Approximately half of the world’s gem quality diamonds come out of Israel and can be found on a substantial portion of the most beautiful diamond jewelry sold worldwide.

Israeli diamond polishing factories, considered the most advanced in the world, are equipped with sophisticated polishing and processing technologies, most of which were developed in Israel. A highly qualified workforce, employing advanced technologies, places the Israeli industry in a leading global position.

With a high profile presence in the world marketing and sales centers, as well as at international exhibitions held around the world – Israel’s diamond industry continues to adapt to changes in the diamond world. An example for the industry’s flexibility is the trend of cooperative endeavors and joint ventures between Israeli and foreign companies in manufacturing, production and marketing.

Capitalizing on state of the art technology, a highly trained workforce and the integration of second and third generations into the business – Israel’s diamond industry maintains its leading status in the world arena.

Israel is one of the world’s leading diamond manufacturing and trading centers, selling to numerous markets over the world.

Israel sold over $6.3 billion worth of polished diamonds in 2004 for the following main reasons:

•  Half of all gem quality diamonds sold around the world
is coming from Israel.

•  Israel is the largest consumer of rough diamonds in
the world.

•  Israel produces high quality diamonds, based on expert
craftsmanship combined with innovative technology.

•  From lasers to robotics, Israel is at the forefront of
technological advances in diamond manufacture.

•  The Israel Diamond Exchange is the largest in the world,
offering the greatest selection of diamonds under one roof.

•  Buying in Israel is safe and convenient – the Diamond
Exchange complex is a virtual citadel, where diamonds
are traded in complete security.

•  Israeli diamantaires are reliable, flexible and gear
themselves to clients’ needs.