The Kfar Nahum Restaurant is in a quiet lakefront location overlooking the Sea of Galilee at the Northern seashore next to the Capernaum church. Here you can enjoy the attractive view over the Sea and the Golan Heights.

The Kfar Nahum Restaurant has a fixed menu of simple dishes. The most popular is the traditional Saint Peter’s fish, cichlid, or Tilapia galilaea. It is said to be the fish Jesus fed a crowd of 5000 that came to one of his sermons. Many Mediterranean salads are being served as well as meat dishes.

Some 400 guests can be comfortably seated in the restaurant, especially suitable for tourist and pilgrim groups who want a good and fast service.

The Restaurant is a favorite with the locals, thanks to its tasty Saint Peters fish dish.

It is open through out the season from 9:00 till the last guest; free parking for busses.

We also provide service to boating and camping people in the surrounding area.

There is a nice ambiance in the fresh air.

Kfar Nahum Restaurant
P.O.B.1557 Tiberias
Tel: 052-2612744
Fax: 04-6723352