Internal Flights
Domestic airlines are Arkia Israel Airlines and Israir.
Many domestic flights depart from Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov airport,
close to midtown in the northern part of the city, as well as
from Ben Gurion International Airport. Flights operate daily,
except for Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon.

Intercity Public Buses
Israel’s Egged Bus Cooperative is the world’s second largest bus
company (Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station is the world’s largest),
offering frequent services between every city, town, village,
kibbutz and settlement in Israel. Services are air-conditioned,
low-cost and efficient. Most bus services halt at sunset on Friday
and resume at sunset on Saturday.

City Buses
All cities and major towns have extensive bus services. Most bus
services, the exceptions being Haifa and in eastern Jerusalem,
halt at sunset on Friday and resume at sunset on Saturday.

Unique to Israel, these shared limousines seat 7-10 passengers and
follow inter-city and local bus routes – for about 30% more than a bus.

For town journeys, ask the driver to use the meter. For inter-city
journeys, agree on a price before you set off. A 5% tip is appropriate.

Trains link Beersheba, Oron, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Haifa, Akko and
Nahariya. Express trains travel between Tel Aviv and Haifa in under
60 minutes. There is a line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

You’ll find all the international car rental companies as well as a
number of reliable Israeli companies and you’ll need a passport,
major credit card and valid driver’s license to rent a car. The highway
system is up to European standards and most signs are in English
in addition to Hebrew.