Jerusalem is the modern capital of the State of Israel, but not
internationally recognized
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The southernmost city of Israel, is a unique oasis extended on
the coast of the Red Sea
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Tel Aviv – Yafo
“The city that never stops”
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Capital of the “Sharon” district, is located close to the seashores
of the Mediterranean Sea
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The Capital of Israel’s Southern District
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Yotvata is the modern name of an oasis with saline marshes
located in Israel’s southern Arava
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Herzlya is located on the central coastal strip in the south of the
Sharon region, just north of Tel-Aviv
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Kfar Saba
A city in the Sharon area, the center District of Israel
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Lod (also Lydea)
A town in the coastal plain of Israel, 10 miles southeast of Tel Aviv-Jaffa
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It is the roasted sunflower seed capital of Israel
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Kibbutz Ketura
Ketura is located 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Eilat, in the southern Arava
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Druze villages
Dalyat el-Carmel, Kisra, Isfiya, Shfar’am, Abu Sinan, Hurfeish,
Julis, Yarqa and Yanu’ah-Jatt
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Hebron is one of the four cities holy to the Jews. It is the
second-holiest site to Jerusalem
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Safed, Zefat, Safad, Tsfat etc
Safed is a city located in the Upper-Galilee.
It is the highest city in Israel (900m) and one of the four holy cities of the Talmud
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