Flying to Israel
There are several Airlines that operate nonstop flights to Israel, you can land
either in Tel Aviv at Ben Gurion International Airport or in Eilat at Ovda
International Airport.

Travel by Land 
Traveling between Israel and Egypt and Israel and Jordan – and vice-versa – is
efficient and easy. There are three crossing points between Israel and Jordan
(Sheikh Hussein Bridge [northern Israel, near the Sea of Galilee];
Allenby-King Hussein Bridge [central Israel, near Jerusalem] and the Arava
Crossing [in the south, near Eilat and Aqaba]. The northern Israel-Egypt
crossing point is at Rafiah [near Gaza and the Mediterranean coast] and the
southern crossing point is at Taba, adjacent to Eilat. You will need a visa to
visit Jordan and Egypt (an Egyptian visa isn’t required if you’re traveling from
Israel to Egypt’s Red Sea Coast from Taba in the north
as far south as Sharm-el-Sheikh and then returning to Israel).

Border crossings
Sheikh Hussein Bridge
Tel: 972-4-658 6444
Fax: 972-4-658 6421

Allenby-King Hussein Bridge
Tel: 972-2-994 2626
Fax: 972-2-994 3289

Arava Crossing
Tel: 972-8-633 6812
Fax: 972-8- 633 6844

Tel: 972-8-673 4274
Fax: 972-8-673 2974

90% of visitors to Israel arrive at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gorion International Airport
(airport code TLV or BGN), formerly known as Lod (Lydda). Ben Gurion
International Airport is located in central Israel, a 20 minute drive east of
Tel Aviv, and 35 minutes west of Jerusalem.
Some international flights from Europe, Cyprus and Jordan also arrive at
Eilat Airport, Ouvda Airport (40 miles north of Eilat) and at Haifa.

Travel by Sea
Many cruise ships call at Haifa and Ashdod on the Mediterranean, as well
as at Eilat on the Red Sea. There is also a regular ferry service linking
Cyprus and Piraeus (Greece) with Haifa.