“Al Sfat Hanachal”
Al Sfat Hanachal is a haven of magical calm, perched on the banks of the Amal (Asi) River – a continuation of the stunningly beautiful Sachne Spring (Gan Hashlosha)
Website: www.nirtours.co.il

Day Use Israel
Nice recommended directory for hotels by day and rooms for rent on an hourly basis.
Website: Rooms By Hour Israel

The moving in the wind castles
The combination of beauty and power enclosed in the majestic spirit of nature with the beauty and power of the spirit of man are at the focus of the idea that motivated the creation of the “the moving in the wind castles”
Website: www.witch.co.il

Chan Hashayarot
Chan Hashayarot is located on road 40 near Sede Boker. We offer a range of acommodations for family and groups: Comfortable cabins, Bedouin tents and camping site
Website: http://www.shayarot.com